Ethiopian Airlines moves to take over Arik Air


    Ethiopian Airlines is moving to take over Nigeria’s largest airline Arik Air, CNN is reporting.

    Arik Air has, since February, been operated byAsset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) due to prolonged crisis that saw services canceled, staff unpaid, and mounting debt (More than N300bn according to the federal government).

    Speaking to CNN, Ethiopian Airlines managing director of international services Esayas WoldeMariam said: “We have outlined our terms and conditions to the Nigerian government and we are waiting to see if they agree. We are capable and desirous of handling the airline.”


    WoldeMariam, without giving details of the offer, said that Ethiopian Airlines expects ti face competition from other international airlines.

    Godfrey Odudigbo, minister plenipotentiary at the Nigerian embassy in Addis Ababa said the negotiation between Ethiopian Airlines and the Nigerian government could be completed before end of 2017.