Everything That Happened On Music Critique 101 Last Saturday On Zanders FM 105.7


Last Saturday, 20th February, 2021 saw the first edition of “Music Critique 101” hosted by DJ Saquo every Saturday on Zanders FM 105.7 Owerri.

Olasunkanmi Oginni also known as DJ Saquo, has been on a steady move to make the entertainment industry in Imo better with several initiatives like “Star Nite”, an industry night which features the insiders in the Imo entertainment industry, “The Meeting”, a meeting that features Disc Jockeys in the state in an all night of musical display, and now “Music Critique 101”, a one-hour radio program on his show every Saturday on Zanders FM 105.7 Owerri about music analysis, new music releases, the music business in and around Imo State, and the way forward. This program is hosted by DJ Saquo alongside Imo based music producer, YUNGROC, Blogger and Music Critic/Promoter, Tim Uwakwe, and Author/Content Developer, Chinedu Hardy Nwadike.


In what seemed like a good start, the show featured an analysis of “Unapologetic” by Janexmara and subsequently, “Fuckoni” by Blazer Q. The hosts had a near unanimous rating of Janexmara‘s “Unapologetic” tagging it a good song both in lyrics and delivery. However while Tim had a little concern about the production, YUNGROC and Hardy didn’t think it was a much of a concern. In the end the song got a rating of 6/10 from Tim, 7.5/10 from Hardy, and 7/10 from YUNGROC.

Blazer Q‘s “Fuckoni” got a favorable rating as well, and was tagged a song rich in melody and vibe. However, YUNGROC argued that even though the production of the song is good, the mixing wasn’t really done well. In the end, the song got a 10/10 rating from Tim, 8.5/10 from Hardy, and 5/10 from YUNGROC.


When DJ Saquo raised a conversation about what could be the problem of the entertainment industry in Imo, Tim pointed out that the lack of investors and sponsors is a major problem in this parts, arguing that with more serious investors, the music industry will experience a change and would make more stars. However, Hardy and YUNGROC didn’t quite agree with him. To them, stars can be made from anywhere, what really matters is content. The conversation dragged on around this for a while until DJ Saquo decided to call for an adjournment until next Saturday.

So if you listened Saturday, get ready for another episode of exciting music analysis, different opinions on the music business, and how we can get it right this time.