Ex-Bbnaija Housemate ‘Ahneeka threatens to sleep with fathers of social media trolls😳


2018 Ex-Bbnaij housemate ‘Ahneeka is threatening to sleep with the fathers of the social media trolls who won’t let her be.

The former BBNaija reality tv show contestant made her threats known on her Instagram stories on Monday, September 24, 2018. According to her, after sleeping with the fathers of these unrepentant trolls, she would determine how their education is been ran.

“Until I start sleeping with your fathers to be able to wash my skin and afford nice things…then watch me dictate whether he pays your school fees or send you and your siblings pocket money…mtcheewwwww…leave people to work and earn like others and pay for their shit and the good life…support their hustle or shut it on the sidelines .”#AllowPeopleAtTheirPace #stopbodyshaming #stopwiththebrandshaming #GracesAreDifferent. TempPost cos I don’t like negativity…but to encourage anyone feeling like they are under pressure,” she wrote.

It’s obvious that the trolls really got yo her nerves this time.