Falz feels his critics have missed the point of the “This is Nigeria” video


In an interview with BBC, Falz opened up on the inspiration behind the viral video, “This is Nigeria’ and how he feels his critics have missed the point of the video.

The rapper said, ”The video has been very well received. Even initially when I was releasing it, I didn’t sort of anticipate the magnitude of reaction… I thought there will be some form of reaction and conversation but I didn’t know how largely it will be received.

”It was important, first of all, I was inspired by the original, This is America by Childish Gambino, I thought it was a very artistic and creative way to tell the American story and I thought it will be amazing to tell the Nigerian story in a similar fashion.


“It was very important to stir up a heightened level of political and social consciousness out here.

”Majority of what I have been facing, in terms of backlash is just a matter of people that are trying to shoot the messenger so that they miss the message, but at the end of the day, the message is really clear and everyone knows that the message is the truth.”