Fans United: Manchester United assemble at Ed Woodward’s House


Red Devil Fans based in England have taken to the streets to express their displeasure with the Chairman’s lackadaisical attitude towards to progress of the Club.

The reason for the protest was clearly stated by the fans, as they are unsatisfied with the lack of quality players in the side, and the consistent poor run of form across all competitions.

A fan who was part of the protest spoke to the Media:

“Woodward has been a disaster as chief executive and needs to leave the club”.

“Lots of people have said it but he doesn’t seem to listen – perhaps because he’s getting paid £4m-a-year”.

“So we decided to pay him a visit to tell him to his face. We didn’t get to speak to him but hopefully he’ll get the message because we’re not going away and we won’t stand around doing nothing while our club is ruined”.