FG has not given attention to our Covid-19 drug – Prof. Maurice Iwu


Prof. Maurice Iwu has said that the Federal Government of Nigeria has not given attention to his Covid-19 drug.

The former INEC chairman who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Bioresources Development Group, said government should show interested in the drug.

He said this at a conference in Lagos via Zoom with the title: “Covid-19 and the proposed Vaccination Bill: Implications for Nigeria,” and he said funds raised from private sector could be deployed in ensuring locally produced antidotes for COVID-19.


”Government needs to show interest in our drug, the money raised by private sectors can be deployed, it does not need to come to Prof. Iwu, it is information, the product is ours, but the information is already outside.

“There must be interest on the part of government that they want to test the drug, once the government shows interest, every other thing will fall in place”, he said.

Meanwhile, President Buhari has directed that Madagascar’s drug for the treatment and cure of Coronavirus, Covid Organics, be sent to Nigeria for the treatment and cure of the virus.