Five times Mo Abudu proves that she’s is the perfect face for make up


Mo Abudu, owner of ebony life films and the brain behind the award winning movie ‘The wedding party’ is one woman that has paid her dues in the Nigerian movie industry. This fifty something year old woman is what every mother would love to become simply because her beauty is ageless.

At this age, Mo abudu moves with so much class, elegance and poise and would actually come off as someone in her thirties. Asides her demeanor, is the fact that Moabudu dresses very stylishly and her wardrobe is one to definetely steal.

Her sense of style is enviable as Mo knows just what exactly fits her and dresses so well to suit every occasion. She is not only a classic definition of style but her beauty is beyond comparison.

Her make up which is most times done by banksbmpro sits so well on her face and helps to accentuate her beauty. She is in fact a perfect muse for every make up artist