For Sauw Blaze, 2018 is not business as usual


Granted, getting noticed and succeeding in any industry is no small work. Almost always it requires a pull or push by someone who’s grounded in that industry. But just before that push happens, there should be signs of seriousness in the person needing the help. In the music industry, when an artiste begins to make plans and work towards achieving those plans, then you know he is serious about his craft.

Sauw Blaze is one of such artistes who want nothing to do with mediocrity in 2018. He tells me that 2018 is not business as usual. For an artiste who has worked underground as an upcomer for several years, improving on production, vocals, choice of melody, and delivery is th way to go. Apart from dropping his first body of work “Voice” sometime last year, Sauw Blaze has gone on to drop three new singles “Walawala”, “Nwantinti” and “Ifeoma” and is currently preparing to drop another single “Ijeoma” on May 20th. He is working on shooting the video for “Walawala” and has another single in the works that will drop sometime around July this year. These singles are much better than his previous works which only show steady improvement.  As an artiste who wants to be taken seriously, Blaze has also connected to somewhat bigger artistes in the industry, with hopes of getting a push or pull from them. Blazibration, a show he’s organizing in June this year will feature Selebobo, Kelly Handsome, Nigga Raw, and Slow Dogg. The next concert which will come up in October/November of 2018 will feature even bigger artistes. It is no small feat to organize two shows in a year and feature big musicians, so for Sauw Blaze to plan these shows determination. This is a path that several musicians in the industry have followed. For example, Phyno organizes and performs at Phynofest even though he is a big artiste. Olamide organizes and performs at OLIC. Wizkid, Davido, and several others do this. This brings them closer to their fans and increases their fandom and celebrity, and that surely has an effect on their brand.


Rebranding takes time to happen. Like every other thing, it is one thing to plan and another to execute. Most times planning and putting in great work in executioning becomes even difficult. It requires great effort, commitment and financial strenth to get things done and for Sauw Blaze to succeed in this quest it will be no different.