Former England Coach Shows Confidence in Rooney’s Coaching Interest


Roy Hugdon is sure his Former Player, Wayne Rooney would follow the footsteps of both Stephen Gerrand and Frank Lampard, as both ex internationals have taken their career to the next level.

The Englishman who also had stints with few Clubs in England, says Rooney is a true football lover, and expects to see the 35 year Old in Football Management.

“I gave Wayne his 100th cap, Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard both earned their 100th cap playing for England during my time there. Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard are making a hell of a go of their management careers so why shouldn’t Wayne be included in that?”.

“He is a leader type – there is no question of that”.

“All three of those had leadership qualities that they were able to show on the field of play. That is what the real good leaders are. It is not just a question of talking a good game or being persuasive verbally, it is a question of being able to get on the field of play and show leadership qualities when you need them”.

“Knowing Wayne as I do I don’t expect him to make that decision too soon”.

“I know how much he loves to play and he is still a very good footballer so I would be expecting him to be helping Derby as a player for a period of time to come”.

“Age is not even a cliché it is a simple statement of fact. Age is the number that you actually have as shown on your birth certificate but has absolutely no relevance to how you feel and how you are capable of performing in any walk of life. Why should football be any different?”.

“We have got people running top companies dealing with billions of pounds who are a lot older than 34 and still capable of doing their job”.

“It’s will be a question of when Wayne’s body tells him: ‘I can’t do this anymore to the level I want to do it at’. But he doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of that at the moment”.