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Sneakers (also known as athletic shoes, tennis shoes, gym shoes, sport shoes, runners, or trainers) are shoes primarily designed for sports or other forms of physical exercise, but which are now also widely used for everyday wear. The term generally describes a type of footwear with a flexible sole made of rubber or synthetic material and an upper part made of leather, synthetic substitutes or cloth.


One of the most important things that you have to consider is the uses of both types of shoes. In the beginning, people used canvas and sneakers for same purpose. The reason is that they did not know the difference between sneakers and canvas shoes. However, it is clear that both shoes have different uses. Some of the uses have been mentioned below.

The sneakers are commonly worn for the purpose of the sport.
The motion stability and har material of the sneakers is the reason that people prefer to use them for the workout sessions. They love the motion control they get with the shoes.
In case of canvas shoes, you will not get the same uses. They are commonly available for regular wear.
You can wear them to school, college or for other regular purposes. However, you cannot use the product for any kind of sports.

They’re cool looking and even cooler to wear! In this article we’ll touch on the many benefits of canvas shoes and why they’re the perfect companion for you this summer.


Breathable Fabrics: Most canvas fabrics are made from hemp, but some may also be made using cotton. Either way, they are breathable enough to keep you comfortable when the temperatures are rising!

Easy to Clean: Because canvas shoes have a fabric upper and typically a rubber sole, they are very easy to clean. Using a few handy tools from around the house like; soap water and a toothbrush, you’ll have them looking as good as new in no time.

Lightweight: Out for a walk, day at a theme park, chasing the kids? Canvas shoes are great for all of these occasions because they are super lightweight – giving your feet a nice break from dressier leather shoes. The rubber is also great at gripping surfaces, so no problem shifting and shaking and these puppies!

Fashionable: With brands like Vans, Converse, Sperry and Roxy (to name a few) launching new canvas options every season you’re bound to find a pair that fits your style. We’re even more excited about the wide array of colors now available for the picking! A rainbow of canvas shoes are at your fingertips

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