Guardiola express delight after FFP decision


Manchester City have been cleared of all financial rule charges, and this decision pleases Guardiola.

There were talks of City been banned from next season’s Champions League, even if they qualify, and this is largely due to the charges laid by the disciplinary committee of UEFA. But the Manchester side has been cleared from all charges and would be part of next season’s UEFA Champions League.

“I’m incredibly happy for the decision which shows what all the people said about the club was not true, and to defend on the pitch what we won on the pitch, We have made a step forward in 10 years. We invested a lot of money, like a lot of clubs. We did it the right way. We have not been banned because we followed the FFP rules. If we hadn’t we would have been banned. A lot of clubs invest. Manchester United and Arsenal in periods before when they won the leagues, they invested more than the others. Chelsea too when they won the league, they invested more money than the other ones” Pep said.