Guardiola rates Liverpool above any other club in the World


Pep Guardiola says title rivals, Liverpool are ‘probably the best team in the world right now, after failing to lose a game in the League so far.

City’s next PL game is tomorrow against Liverpool at Anfield, and Guardiola says he is aware of the difficulty in playing at Anfield, a stadium where Liverpool have not lost any of their previous 45 league games.

“As a manager, I said last season when we won the league, they’re the best contender I ever faced in my career to win this league,”.


“It was the biggest achievement, or one of the biggest achievements, as a club. It remains the same. Probably right now they’re the strongest team in the world”.

“They are an exceptional team. Of course, the history is there for itself. It’s something special, I think more for the quality of the team of what they do, quality of players they have, quality of manager they have, I believe more in that, in the team, than the scenario [atmosphere at Liverpool]”.

“Right now it’s [Anfield] one of the toughest ones, right now in Europe it’s the toughest stadiums to go there”.