Hardwork in training was responsible for my Sterling Performance against Everton


Super Eagles Striker, Kelechi Iheanacho is waxing lyrical since his weekend performance against Everton, as he came off the bench to pull his team out of a losing position.

Leicester City were thrilling against struggling Everton, until Brendan Rodgers made the change that changed everything on the night. as the team snatch a 8th win in a bounce.

And Iheanacho says he owes all appreciation to Hard work in Training.


“It was a great moment, [it was] my first game of the season and first goal, so I’m really buzzing I’m happy today,” he said.

“It all came from the hard work in training, I’ve been working hard and keeping my head up and waiting for the opportunity to come. I’m happy it came, and I took it”.

“To be fair, this team, starting from the players, to the staff and the manager everyone we are all together, so everyone is happy with each other,”.

“Those who are playing or those who are not playing, everyone is happy. It’s a great squad, it’s a happy place to be”.

“I know everyone is happy for me, they’ve been waiting for me to do this, so I’m happy as well. We’re all happy!”