Health Tips: 7 ways Women can keep their bodies clean


The body of Women are very sensitive and receptive to lots of germs that can attract smell. we would take a look on how ladies can keep their undies clean, inorder to avoid smell and other infectious diseases.

1) Hand washing your bras with gentle soap and cool water is the best way to prolong their lives.

This suggestion becomes especially important if you’re caring for lingerie that’s nicer than your average t-shirt bra.


“When it comes to underwire or more sturdy bras, always handwash,”

2) Make sure to always fasten your bra’s clasps before washing. “Clasp your bra’s hooks so that it doesn’t twist and turn the underwire and cause [it] to become deformed,”

3) Another way to prevent twisting and snagging is to separate your bras from the rest of your clothing by using a laundry bag.

4) In order to protect your bra’s elasticity and fabric,you don’t want to use any harsh detergents when you wash it. Bleach is especially terrible for your bra’s shelf life.

This is important to remember even if you choose to hand wash your garments. You can use extra-gentle soap or baby shampoo instead. This also means that when you travel, washing your bra in the shower isn’t a bad idea at all unless you like showering in (literally) scalding hot water.

5) Although this rule holds for all laundry, it’s especially important when it comes to your lingerie.

Make sure you “Classify. “Be very careful when you’re washing undergarments because they contain synthetics, [which means that] they have a great propensity to pick up dyes from the washload.

Only clean whites with whites.” So that brand new lacy red bra? You most likely shouldn’t throw it in with your crisp, white t-shirt bra unless you really love pink.

6) When making use of the washing machine be very careful not to overstuff your washing machine when you’re throwing your bras in. Heavy items can do a lot of damage to your undergarments especially if you wear underwire bras.

7) Hang drying your bras is the only way to go. “Never ever put a bra in the dryer,” extreme heat which is used in a mechanical dryer was a major problem when it came to caring for delicate items.

And make sure that your bras are properly reshaped before you dry them.