Here’s what Davido has been up to in his US Tour


Pop Star Davido is currently in the US to promote his music as a way to break into the US market.

He has been quoted to say that when he tried to break into that market, he didn’t succeed, but when he didn’t try, it worked. That is true. Davido was in the US sometime in 2017 after signing a deal with Sony Music Africa, and at that point all he wanted was to enter the US market which by the way has been tagged the most difficult market in the world for music and movies, but the most glamorous.

An artist can say he has conquered the world if he is in the US market. But that didn’t work for Davido in 2017.

However, when he returned to Nigeria to continue making music for the continent, one of the songs he created began to resonate in the US market, to the point of making it to number 25 in the US TOP 40 Urban Radio Chart. Now Davido is pumped once again to break into the revered US market. If he succeeds, he would be the first African star to conquer the world.

Check below to see what he has been up to?