Hot Fm Owerri allegedly suspends 6 members of staff because they complained about being owed for 6 months


Hot FM Owerri has allegedly suspended six members of staff in the last one month because they complained about being owed for six months.

According to several tweets on the official handle of the radio station, members of staff are being owed for six months. The handler of the radio station’s Twitter account who appears to be among those owed has been using their official Twitter account against them.

“Hot Fm owerri is owing it’s staff more than 6 months salary and when they complained We suspended them for we even Employed an idiot Consultant Didi to help do the dirty job. Won’t allow this matter settle”, the first tweet on this matter read.

In another tweet, the handler revealed that the management of Hot FM Owerri had arrested four members of staff on a suspected fraud case. He further revealed that no staff was paid a dime during the lockdown.

“You owe salaries you have the audacity to arrest 4 of your staff on suspected fraud cases. The stupid consultant that was brought is freaking clueless. Even when FG declared lockdown nothing was given to any staff not even one month salary. Nothing 😭😭😭😭😭 #TheMATTER #FridayMotivation #fridayfeeling we are suffering we need our salaries please help”, he continued.

The management of the station is yet to respond to any of these allegations.

See the tweets below: