How Dr Linda Iheme Is Helping Graduates Put Their Certificates To Full Use Through Vantage Migration


“Every Graduate Has A Certificate. You can monetize your certificate the regular way; by getting a job. Or, you can uniquely monetize your university certificate by getting admission and scholarship abroad”.

That is one of Dr Linda Iheme’s quotes. You may be wondering, who is Dr Linda Iheme? Going by the quote above, it is easy to see that she is either an education enthusiast or works in the education sector. A few more probes into her life, however, reveals that she was a product of a scholarship program and has now founded a company, Vantage Migration and Allied Consults, an educational consultancy company that is focused on providing scholarships either in part or in full for graduates. Dr Iheme who is currently pursuing her PhD in the University of Waterloo, Canada under a full scholarship has helped over 200 Nigerian graduates and many others to secure scholarships in different countries of their choice through her company Vantage Migration and Allied Consults. This is what Vantage Migration and Allied Consults is all about. Speaking about how she has been able to help all of these people achieve their dreams of studying abroad under different scholarships, Dr Iheme attributes her success to knowing and understanding the business.

“You want to succeed in anything? Invest 20% of your budget in learning how it works because believe it or not, your chances of getting it right, lies solely on the knowledge you’ve acquired because it is only when you know that you know, it’s not a two ways thing”, she says.

“There is this saying that first mistake is just mistake, but the second exact mistake is foolishness. Have you heard it before. Can we then conclude that those that are having two or more visa denials back to back are foolish? Your guess is as good as mine. But that is not the main point. If you have the boldness to apply for visa without consultation or training, and that visa is refused, don’t apply again yet. Find out why(s) it was denied and correct it before applying again”, she continues.

Many of these beneficiaries have expressed their joy and appreciation for the gesture they received. In an interview with The Nation, Jane Chris Ezetah, a winner of an all expense paid trip to Dubai on Dr Linda Iheme’s page, revealed it was a dream come true for her.

“I feel really great, because there were a lot of us who put up for the contest. We were requested to make a short video for the Vantage Migration brand and tell people what the brand is all about. Emerging the winner was exciting for me. It was a dream come true”.

Nwodo Joy Chiamaka, who received an all expense paid trip to Benin Republic also told Daily Times that the trip was really interesting and amazing.

“I have always harbored the thought of doing a West African trip overland along the coast from my home country until I got an all-expenses-paid trip to the Benin Republic through Vantage migration and allied consult. The trip was really amazing and I’m still reeling with excitement”.

Dr Iheme’s enthusiasm for helping graduates make full use of their certificates can easily be seen in the videos she posts on her social media pages. To learn more about her and the work she is doing through Vantage Migration and Allied Consults, you can visit their website

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