How to Handle Ungrateful Friends!


There is a popular saying, show me your friend and would tell you who you’re, but this days, our friends are really different from us.

Got a story online and want to treat it with the right response.

“when I was in school I helped my friends both in academics and finance, recently I noticed they are getting rich and I don’t have money. What will I do”?

OK, this is the best way to handle this:

While it is a wonderful thing to help others, you may have missed out on some opportunities yourself while providing opportunities and resources to others.

If you are looking for a better paying job and they have successful careers, perhaps you can reach out to them, and see if they have any leads.

Otherwise, there is nothing much you can do, unless they actually owe you money, in which case they should pay you back.

Don’t mind others too much (grass is always greener on the other side), be happy for their success, and focus on your own life!