How You Can Take Care Of Your Jeans


Jeans are fashionable wears which are appropriate for various styles.

You can take care of your jeans depending on how it is worn and washed. These two processes determines how your jeans is maintained.

The wearing process:
When you buy a jean, it should be worn gently for the first couple of months. Denim are known to be durable but in order to maintain it, you have to prevent it from ripping or stretching. Avoid movements like yoga that would stretch the material. Treat and wear your jeans gently. When buying a jean, get your size to avoid wearing a belt. Wearing a belt can stretch your jeans around the waist area.

The washing process:
This is a very important aspect of jean maintenance that people tend to make mistakes in. It is best to wash your jeans after wearing them for a couple of times. Wash with cold water to avoid shrinkage and leave to air dry. Wash your jeans with darker colors because they tend to bleed and when mixed with a light colored cloth, tends to change it’s color.

Other means of maintainence without washing:
When your jeans develops an odor and you are yet to wash them, you can wrap it in a plastic bag and put in the freezer. This would serve as a deodorizer.