Ideas to land the girl of your dreams



Romance in a relationship is the basic building blocks of a successful relationship, it leave the relationship with the satisfaction that will enable it from and last longer and even till death.

The problem is finding a way to get the ball rolling, most times we run out of ideas on how to make the relationship look romantic and fun or lack the capital to be more romantic in a big way.



The fact about relationships and romance is it’s not about how much money you spend but the little you spend in an amazing way. Little things can go a long way in growing a relationship to The highest hight it can attain.


Being romantic is Having the qualities of romance (in the sense of something appealing deeply to the imagination); invoking on a powerfully sentimental idea of life. Which most times we find it difficult to imagine.


Romantic ideas:
1.Wanted Gifts: everybody has something they want but just can’t find a means to purchase it or don’t want to use there own money to buy it. You can surprise him/her with such gift.

2. Games: board games are not really romantic since you have been on it since you are kids, but when you get the mod right, with a glass of wine you will see just how fun and romantic it would be.

3. Amusement Park Fun: something about relationships is the fun and laughter in it an amusement park would not be a bad idea to go on relationship date.

4. Flowers: never underestimate the power of flowers, they bring the sensation of romance and make your lover feel special and shows how much you appreciate her.

5. Love notes: love notes conveying sweet love message that would leave a smile on her face, is a perfect way to make her feel you are around even you are not.

6. Voice Your Appreciation: tell her how much you appreciate her in words. Don’t only bank on text, sometimes she needs to hear it from your mouth, how much you appreciate her in your life.

7. Movie Night at Home: Sometimes it’s good to have a private time alone at home watching a romantic movie, it give room for romance.

8. Little Surprises: this case can be it can be in kind or in cash, surprise visit won’t be a bad idea or little surprise gift.

9. A Relationship Photo Album: since you have been going out on date you have been taking some romantic photos, creat an album for it and present it to her.