Ighalo promise to dedicate every United goal to his sister


The Nigerian is still hurting on the death of his sister, Mary. who died in Canada at the age of 40.

As Ighalo has promised to dedicate every goal scorer to his sister.

“My sister was a strong United fan. All of us grew up watching Manchester United, we all supported them,”.

“Mary’s husband followed Chelsea, while their children were Manchester City and Liverpool fans, but she stayed loyal to United”.

“She always prayed I would sign for United. Even when she came to watch me in the Premier League playing for Watford she hoped I would join United”.

“The painful part for me is that I now have signed for United, but she is not here to see it. However, I know she is up there watching me”.

“That is why I am going to play with her name on my boots, so she is always with me at Old Trafford or in any game for Manchester United”.

“Every goal I score from now until I finish my career will be dedicated to God and to her”.

“I have written her name on my special white T-shirt and put her name on my boots. I want to show the world she is always with me”.

“It means she can feel me playing at Old Trafford, feel that dream we all prayed for, even though she is not here to see it”.

“But she will be on my feet, assisting me on the pitch”.