Importance Of Proper Lightening While Reading


When reading from a book, computer or tablet, it is important to use proper lightening.

Reading in the dark can lead to short term effects such as headaches and eye strain. With this, the environment which you read in should be considered.

1. To avoid eye strain
When you’re reading and your eyes become tired, this is as a result of straining the eye which could be due to poor lightening. Eye strain caused by reading in the dark can create discomfort and inconvenience. You are unable to concentrate.

2. To boost reading experience
Reading in an environment with good lightening enhances your reading experience. Asides from the type of book you’re reading, proper lightening gives some sort of comfort and increases rate of understanding.

3. To prevent dry eyes
Dry eyes are caused by eye strain. Though people assume reading from a tablet or computer in a dark room is best. It is not exactly true. Reading in the dark causes fatigue which leads to eye strain.