In Chulo vibes, Timaya is expressive with words, but more so with the Afrobeats sound


Change is often scary and difficult to accept. However, it is constant as they say, and it is good, though can be bad sometimes.

That is what Timaya’s new body of work is about – change. That change though is in a good way. Timaya surprised the music industry in Nigeria and Africa yesterday Friday, 8th February, 2019, with an extended playlist (EP) “Chulo Vibes”. That body of work is an embodiment of expressions. Timaya expressed himself in the most creative way possible, and that definitely is a good change.

It is Made up of nine tracks with features from Burna Boy, Alikiba and Machel Montano. Sound credits goes to Orbeat, Chillz, Kel P, Chrisstringz, Micon beats and Da Piano.

The dancehall Timaya that we used to know took dancehall to a whole new level, tweaking it with the Afrobeats sound, while expressing his thoughts on topics like money, love and topics that are often stereotyped.

For example, in “Akuna”, an Igbo word that loosely translates to prostitute, Timaya professes his love to a prostitute not minding how the society sees it. Obviously crazy about her physique, Timaya goes on to promise her marriage.

And in “The Mood”, “Number one”, “Obrigado”, “I can’t kill myself”, “Pull up”, and “Happy”, Timaya tweaks the Afrobeats sound to get something somewhat like an Afro-eloctronic beat with enough percussions to make it sound African.

In “Akuna”, “Balance”, he brings his dancehall style to life, probably saying I’m still in this genre but I have more. That more is seen in about six tracks revealing a brand new Timaya who’s not afraid to jump on the rave of the moment – Afrobeats – and prove that he can do it just like everyone else.

This is the change we talked about at the outset. It is clear evidence that the Afrobeats sound is evolving. What started as just one sound with the great Fela Anikulapo Kuti, has evolved into an almost globally recognized sound with the help of the likes of Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy, Mr Eazi, and is still evolving. As scary as it may seem, Timaya is not afraid to try it out, and that is a good change.

In all, Chulo Vibes is can be considered an amazing body of work, and songs like “The mood”, “Obrigado”, “Number one”, “Pull up”, make it so.

This year 2019 may see a lot of tweaks to this sound, especially and most importantly because the eyes of the world is on Afrobeats right now. All this amounts to change and expressions. And yes, more so with the Afrobeats sound.