Is it right for my mother to always invade my privacy at this age?


This question is always on the minds of most youths who are grown but think things should change

When you ask people who they prefer between their dad or mum, each one of them have different picks for different reasons.

There was a conversation between my friend and I

“My mom and I don’t get along often. She’s always digging up my mistakes and assuming the worst about the things I do. Is it ok NOT to have a healthy relationship with mom but with your dad? Am I the only kid that prefers her dad”?

This was my response

It’s normal to get along with one parent more than the other, and you’re not the only one who is daddy’s child. It’s also possible that your relationship with your mother may improve over time.

Your mom may be a truly negative person (in which case it’s better to keep your distance).

Yea, for reasons like that is cool not to speak a lot about your issues with your mum if she’s not the understanding type.