Is it right to stereotype Single Mothers?


The society see single women as being irresponsible and wayward. hence the abject rejection by family members when a guy brings a single mother home for marriage intentions.

Another stereotype single women is how lot of guys out there see them. these guys see these women as being proud and unapproachable, so they back out.

They say the ones with cars are the worst .

This is the true nature of Single Women

Arrogance and pride is not synonymous or a relative reflection to independent women that drive their own cars and have their own thing going for them.

They just want to enjoy life, and do anything that would male them forget the mistakes of the past.

And by the way , dear fine single independent ladies with cars , try and be gifting some of us lift please .

Most of us are just young struggling handsome men . Don’t just look at us from your side mirror , splash us water and pass.