Is lilac the colour of the season


Colours do much more than we can ever imagine in fashion. It has a way of bringing our outfits to life. HAving so many colours in our wardrobe rejuvenates our style and actually does make it versatile.

Also wearing some type of colours is influenced by the type of environment or the purpose for instance black is considered formal and is most times worn to the office, in some other cases black is seen as a colour used to mourn and as such worn in burial ceremonies.

White many a times is worn for bridal showers and the list goes on. We see a lot of people wear other colours like yellow, orange, pink and so on but we hardly ever see people wear LILAC.


We never truly know the beauty of LILAC until we see people wear and oh boy LILAC is indeed one sight to behold. The fact that it’s very unique in itself just gives us one more reason to love.

Little wonder so many fashion lovers have jumped on this colour that we begin to ask is LILAC truly the colour of the season. It’s surely a show stopper and once you step in such colours no one would be able to hold themselves from looking at you.

Not so bright a colour but it’s one beautiful colour many people tend to forget but with the emergence of fashion enthusiasts rocking it, I bet it’s going to be everyone’s favourite