Is there anything like over reading?


This is a question that needs to be answered, as overtime, there have been issues where people say reading is good but over doing it can be dangerous to the human brain.

Though, there is no scientific evidence to if the human brain can be over stretched or not but science has revealed the brain is elastic and can accumulate alot.

A question was asked over the weekend:


asks mom says I study too much, but it’s only 7 hours a day since its the school holidays, I just wanna make sure I go into the next term having understood the previous one, is that so wrong?

Our response was:

Seven hours of studying is a lot, but it’s still reasonable aftrr all, adults have 8 hours work day.

Your mom is probably a little worried that you’re not enjoying life when you’re young, but if studying is what you want to do right now, you should go for it (in fact, it’s quite admirable)! Just make sure you walk around and stretch once in a while.

Sitting and staring at a screen or always reading without rest isn’t good for your health!