“Jadon wants to play football” – Lancaster


Louis Lancaster was a member of United’s coaching staff during Van Gaal’s time at Old Trafford, and says his former club should go all the way to get Sancho’s deal done.

Manchester United looks like the next destination for the Englishman who plys his trade for Borrussia Dortmund, but the deal seems to be stalling, as both parties have failed to agree on contract terms. Lancaster says Sancho can go on to win individual trophies in the near future.

“Jadon wants to play football. It doesn’t matter if he’s at a council pitch in London or in front of 80,000 at Wembley. He just wants to play football. He just wants to win. He just wants to be challenged and enjoy the game. It’s like watching The Last Dance with Michael Jordan. You can’t take the ball away from him. Give him the ball and he’ll start to produce. Dortmund reaped the benefits of that with 17 goals and 16 assists in 32 Bundesliga games this season. If you look at a normal 20-year-old, they’ve got to go through a lot of mistakes and not on the pitch, I mean off the pitch. They’ve got to send out the wrong tweets, send out the wrong Instagrams, get in a little bit of trouble” Lancaster.