Jason Njoku of Iroko TV will be in Owerri for StartupSouth and we’re here for it


Jason Njoku, CEO Iroko TV is going to be in Owerri for the 4th edition of Startup South. If you’re still wondering, Startup South is the gathering of the best and the brightest Startup Founders, Innovators, Policy Wonks, Investors and Startup Enthusiasts in SouthSouth and SouthEast Nigeria.

The ultimate goal is to awaken the consciousness of younger generations of Nigerian entrepreneurs (emphasis on those operating within the South-south/South-East corridors) to opportunities and trends within the global entrepreneurial community.

This year’s conference is about intersecting culture, art and technology for afrofuturism consciousness. Finally, number four will be on off-Grid energy.

Since the event is set to hold in his hometown, having Jason Njokwu for a fireside chat just makes perfect sense. The 37 year old would be taking us through his journey and lessons he has learnt so far as an African entrepreneur.

On why owerri was chosen, Aniche one of the founders of Startup South disclosed that its the passion showed so far by individual of the local tech community to put owerri and the region on Nigerians tech map.

We want this event to be a success, therefore we are setting a goal to get at least you and 1,999 others to register and actually attend. So take a minute and visit bit.ly/reg-SS4.