Juicy tips ahead of Russia 2018 World cup.


On 2 December, 2010, for the first time in its history, Russia was granted the right to host the FIFA World Cup. This is not only the first time in history that Russia plays host to the FIFA World Cup from June 14 to July 15, 2018, but also the first time ever a World Cup will take place in Eastern Europe.

The 2002 FIFA World Cup was the first time that matches were held in two different countries South Korea and Japan. 2018 World Cup is the first in history to witness matches in two different continents Europe and Asia.

The Mascot:

The 2018 World Cup mascot, the representative symbol of the tournament was chosen via online voting. The mascot is a wolf named Zabivaka which was designed by a student Ekaterina Bocharova.

FIFA World Cup matches didn’t include mascots until a lion known as “World Cup Willie” became the face of the England 1966 tournament. Since then, the 12 other World Cup mascots have included everything from an orange (Spain 1982), to a jalapeño pepper (Mexico 1986), to a three-banded armadillo (Brazil 2014).

The teams:

32 teams will take part in the competition. Russia and 13 national teams would represent European zone (Russia was automatically qualified for the Championship as the host country), five national teams from African zone, and ten from Asia and South America, and three from North American zone. Another two tournament tickets will be decided in play-offs.


FIFA World Cup matches will be held in 11 cities:

* Saint Petersburg
* Ekaterinburg
* Kazan
* Samara
* Volgograd
* Nizhny Novgorod
* Saransk
* Rostov-on-Don
* Kaliningrad
* Sochi
* Moscow

Final matches of the world cup will be held in the beautiful city of Moscow which is the capital of Russia


All World Cups before this one have been won by Europeans (11) or South Americans (9) teams. Guess one has to be born in one of the two continents to clench that golden FIFA trophy


We’ve come a long way from 1930. While the fewest number of fans recorded to watch a World Cup football game was 300 back then in Uruguay, the highest attendance ever tuned in to watch the 2014 World Cup.

With approximately 3.2 billion spectators all over the world and an average attendance of 53,000 fans per game, the 2014 FIFA tournament broke all records. Guess what would happen at Russia


A curious case of nationality every team that has ever won a FIFA World Cup has done so under a coach who shares his nationality with his team. There have not been any exceptions to this rule so far, so what happens in Russia will be interesting to watch

Prize Money:

The prize money given by FIFA to the winning team is a hefty $35 million. The runner-up team gets $25 million. No wonder, losing the game is also worthwhile! Actually, there are no losers, for even the participating teams take home about an $8 million cheque each


The 2018 FIFA World Cup and each host city will be represented by elected ambassadors famous people who were either born in those cities, or are somehow related to them. The ambassadors of the World Cup promote sports and healthy lifestyle and promote the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Interesting Facts:

Essam El-Hadary, who represents Egypt will become the oldest player to play in the world Cup 2018. The veteran goalkeeper is currently 45 years old.

Rafael Marquez who represents Mexico, is the only one from 2002 world cup will be ready to play World Cup 2018 in Russia. The 39 years old is one the greatest players Mexico ever had.

The official Football of the FIFA World Cup 2018 is the named as Adidas Telstar. The word Telstar is mixture of two words Television and star

The good news is that it is produced by a company named “Forward Sports” in Sialkot, Pakistan. Although, Pakistan is not playing the FIFA world Cup but biggest football players will be playing with the Football which is made in Pakistan.

  • Two smallest nations Panama and Iceland created history when they qualified for the 1st time after years of struggle. This shows if you work hard you can achieve anything