#KeepPaulcyAlive: Help save Imo philanthropist Paulcy Iwuala Nnamdi


A few weeks ago it was reported that Imo based philantropist, Paulcy Nnamdi Iwuala, needed blood transfusion for a surgery. Well, it turned out that he would need to fly abroad for adequate medical care and that would cost about 4 million Naira (N4,000,000).

A post from one his close friends, Dike Philip, reveals that Paulcy who has been in the habit of helping others through the Genius Eyes Foundation For The Hopeless now needs help for possible liver/kidney transplant.

Donations to enable him do that are gladly accepted through his bank account #3055915880, Nnamdi Paulcy Iwuala, First Bank.


Read the post below:

An Easter Without Paulcy!

Over the past 3 years, my bosom friend had made it a duty to himself and to the society to do that which most find unsettling and shy away from.

Paulcy has dedicated the little wealth in his reach, his time and with the the help of a few good men to give smiles to the poor, sick and less privileged individuals in our society.

For many years, these folks whose lives have been tied to the streets bowl in hand and those afflicted by one ailment or the other had been left to float in their weakness until the arrival of the Genius Eyes Foundation For The Hopeless.

In a very short time, Paulcy Nnamdi Iwuala became a symbol of kindness and a saviour of some sort.

I have never seen an individual whose talent of love is so large and able to accommodate all he comes across.

It is uncountable the number of persons Papi has found succor for, to the extent he led a protest against the shabby welfare of the Nigeria Police which led to the call for #PoliceReforms.

The Big man while administering love has in several ways found himself hurt in the process.

One time, he was on his way to deliver money to one of his dependents when the devil struck, he broke his leg in a car accident and spent several months in hospital and it was funny that from his bed he did his best to assist the young lady for whom he made the unfortunate journey.

Again, the devil wasn’t finished with him and brought more affliction his way just like Job in the bible. Nnamdi was kidnapped in the middle of last year and spent over a month, if my memory serves me well, in the den of the kidnappers.

He lost valuables, over three million naira, his health and much more.

While in the confines of the kidnappers my dear brother was dehumanized, my mouth won’t say, neither will my ink pen the gruesome disrespect accorded this super philanthropist.

Without regard for God, the devil is back and is determined to see life taken away from my best friend.

Tests from several hospitals haven’t been too exciting, some diagnose Liver issues while others accept that he has a bad kidney which begs the need for the Ehime Mbano born helper to ferry himself abroad.

Papi will be needing #4million to help him travel out to seek better medical help.

He is already in Lagos for visa processing but is in dire need of assistance.

I seek your help to #KeepPaulcyAlive.

#Nnamdi Paulcy Iwuala
#First Bank.