Kelly Handsome’s “Open My Way” is a sweet melody with the power to bring him back to mainstream music industry


    Lastweek Imo born Afropop musician scored a definite hit song with 2baba in “Open My Way”. The song is characterised by sweet melody and corresponding soothing beat. That song is a definite hit.

    After listening to “Pour me water”, I began to recollect the powers Kelly Handsome wielded almost a decade ago in the Nigerian Music Industry. He was a powerhouse, a heavyweight or whatever adjective you want to use. He compared with the likes of MI, Ice Prince etc. He jumped through rap music and Afro pop, wielding great powers. At a point he staged a beef with MI challenging him to a music fight. All that was good for the music until it began to somehow drown him. Kelly obviously didnt have much to do about the approaching downfall so accepted it and let it come. Ever since he’s been on and off in mainstream music.

    But all that is about to change with “Open my way”. Kelly Handsome is a fantastic musician. He’s an excellent composer and lyricist. Nobody can take that away from him. He’s known for hit songs and “Open my way” is a reflection of that.

    “My music causing gobe everywhere”, Kelly begins with a deep voice setting the pace for a gratifying experience with a fantastic choice of sweet melody. Maintaining that melodious progesion which settled nicely on the mid tempo beat and diverting deeper for the chorus is strategic and that is what scored him this hit. Getting 2baba to feature on the song was also a great idea. He and 2baba have similarities in choice of melody and that translated well in the chemistry that brought about “Open my way”.

    Kelly Handsome and 2baba

    “Open my way” satisfies the three criteria I always use to measure a hit song- good melody, good beat and good lyrics.

    It is now left for him to ride on this succes and reemerge to the mainstream music industry and maintain that status.

    Kelly Handsome’s “Open My Way” is a sweet melody with the power to bring him back to mainstream music industry.