Kemi Olunloyo warns Jaruma against entering Nigeria or get a good lawyer if she must


Investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has issued a serious warning to controversial sex therapist Jaruma, to stay away from Nigeria.

While giving her warning message to Jaruma, Kemi insinuated that the sex therapist made her money through illegitimate ways, and for that reason, her name has already been listed on a petition.

Kemi wrote;


“As much as I dislike her for mocking my name in an advert for her sex brand which I didn’t authorize and she refused to APOLOGIZE, I’m giving her this warning.

Someone has listed her name on a petition. Stay where you are and get a good lawyer. We all have empires. I did fundraisers when I needed money, not steal, not scam and used to set up a business. The End!”.