Klopp defends victimized Salah


The German tactician has vindicated Mohammed Salah from accusations of being “too selfish”. and Klopp seems to disagree with the general view by some football pundicts.

“Mo was never selfish, or more selfish than he should be”.

“A striker in the right position, we have seen goals from Mo where he scores in between four players and finds the roof of the goal”.

“Then when you don’t score people say you should have passed here or there”.

“He was very unselfish [against Southampton] and he got the balls back so he could score”.

“Bobby is just exceptional, a very football smart person, I do not know a player like him, that is true”.

“But even a player like Bobby needs an address where he can send the ball, because he cannot take the ball and turn and run alone. How he uses the skills of his mates is special”.