Kourtney kardashian serves it hot in these stunning pictures as she turns 39years old


The kardashian family surely needs no introduction as this family is well known even in countries far and wide. The kardashian sisters Kim, khloe and khourtney have made for themselves so much wealth, influence and prominence that their peers haven’t made

These trio who are by no means triplets but are definitely always there for each other aim to inspire the greatness in every woman. So sad is the fact that they haven’t had the best of relationships but these sister girls still live in the moment and are enjoying every bit of it.

The one who catches our fancy for today is none other than Khourtney kardashion. This beautiful mother of three that doesn’t look any close to that has an intriguing body to die for.

Khourtney is truly an epitome of beauty, a perfect example of a strong woman and would certainly give models younger than her age a run for their money. From her classic styles to casual fits and dinner or award nights, Khourtney is your go to girl.

As she turns 39 years old, Khourtney releases a whole new dimension different from the Khourtney we know. In these sultry pictures, khourt as she is fondly called shows us a bit of her fierce and bold look