Lampard admits the league won’t be like it use to be


Chelsea Boss, Frank Lampard admits the league won’t be like it use to be when it takes center stage next weekend. The Blues would resume hostility against Aston Villa on the 21st of June, and Lampard is aware of how the stadium would look like without fans to cheer the team.

“There will definitely be different variables around the game now. We’ll have to try to make sure we prepare as well as we can in terms of being ready for the change in atmosphere. We’ve had discussions about that with the players. It will be different for everyone. It may change the pace of the game, it might change the slight tone of it. We’ve seen that slightly in Germany and we need to be ready to adapt to that. All we can do really is get ourselves as fit as possible. That’s been a difficult task in the short term, to get fit when we’re used to longer pre-seasons. We have worked hard on that, and when it comes to match days we’ll have to make sure we’re very ready for the changes from the norm, and make sure it doesn’t affect our performance on the pitch”.

Chelsea are currently vying for the fourth spot on the Premier league table, as the likes of Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United and Sheffield are breathing down the neck of the West London side.