Life after Covid 19


Life is definitely full of ups and downs, but when life tries to bring us down, it’s advisable to stay up because that’s the only way out. Now, what life going to be like after Covid 19?

Covid 19 is the code name given to corona virus, after its initial breakout in China last year November. Before it eventually spread to many parts of the World. Although, sanity is beginning to take shape in most part of Europe, how about the huge amount of lives lost during the pandemic? How would those who lost their loved ones to the virus react to activities around them?.

These and many more are the questions begging to be answered, but the answers are not far fetched. Life has deaths in it, even in science Death is the end product of life. Those that weren’t able to survive during the pandemic are gone, though very painful, but we that alive should make life a memorable one before we leave the surface of the earth. If we have this at the back of our minds, then life after covid 19 would be better than how it was.