Lil Wayne’s “Carter V” album lacks fire but it’s that soul searching music you’ve been looking for


On Friday, 28th September, 2018, Lil Wayne released his very anticipated album “Carter V”.

There are a number of interesting things associated with this album and one of them is “Carter V” was created seven years ago but was finally dropped last Friday. Another thing is, Wayne’s mother, Jacida Carter, appears throughout the album. Third is the track “Dedicate” ends with a sample of Barack Obama talking about Wayne, and the fourth thing to note is, there are basically no surprises.

That Lil Wayne fire and power that you thought would be there, isn’t. Now you’re thinking it’ll be poor and underperform. Well, you shouldn’t. As much as the album lacks fire, it is listenable and contains a lot of amazing soul searching music that you’ve probably been looking for.



“Carter V” contains 23 tracks.

Late XXXTentacion,  Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, Nicki Minaj, Wayne’s daughter Regina Carter, Snoop Dogg, Sampha are notable names on the album while Swizz Beatz, Dr Dre, Metro Booming, Mannie Fresh, Zaytoven DJ Mustard worked on the production.

In “Open Letter”, Wayne talks about real life issues like love, pressure, respect, dreams.

And in “Can’t Be Broken”, Wayne reassures. He tells you can’t be broken no matter what you go through. Yes problems abound, but if you’re strong enough they can’t get to you.

In “Dark Side of the Moon”, Wayne talks further about faith and hope.

In “Sleeping with the enemy”, he switches to sleeping with the enemy and all the downsides of it.

“Don’t Cry” which features late XXXTentacion obviously talks about love, death, suicide, dying young and losing your life just to have a life.

Probably the best track of the album, “Famous” gives you a soothing feeling and takes you through all the perks of being famous. As much as it is desirable, Wayne warns that things like drugs and sex come with it, and it calls for caution if you’re going to have a fulfilled famous life.

And in “I love you Dwayne”, Wayne’s mum shows how much she loves him and how proud she is of him.

In all “Famous”, “Mess”, “Perfect Strangers”, “Can’t Be Broken”, “Dark Side of the Moon”, “Don’t Cry”, “Mona Lisa”, Open Letter”, “Start This Shit Off Right”, “What About Me” and “I Love You Dwayne” stand out.

“Carter V” was made with the true fans in mind and if you’re going through some hard time understanding the whole essence of life, then Lil Wayne must have been thinking of you when he created it.