Mc Tboy explains why Klint D Drunk, Mc Edo Pikin, I Go Tuk, and others never showed up for Jollof Jokes


Imo comedian Mc Tboy had his Jollof Jokes Comedy Concert yesterday Easter Sunday and a host of comedians billed to perform at the event never showed up.

Comedians like Klint D Drunk, MC EDO Pikin, I Go Tuk, Hon Madiba, MC Organic never showed up while Frank D Don didn’t stay till the end of the comedy show because he had to rush to Asaba for another Event.

A lot of people have expressed their sadness over these especially after paying for tickets. Well Mc Tboy, the host of the comedy event, has come out to clarify why that happened.

According to him, Easter Sunday is a very busy day for entertainers and as such only those who are loyal to and value their friendship with you will make it to your event to perform.

Read his statement on social media below:

For Clarity Sake…

Klint D Drunk Had a more Serious Engagement in The U.S.A, he sincerely apologised for it. Tho am yet to get a refund, this happens..

I have a Very tight relationship with Klint D Drunk and I’ve proven that many Times. So this to me isn’t a problem.

Frank D Don, hosted the jollof jokes concert event yesterday from when it started and handed over to MC JEbi as he Had to rush to Asaba for another Event.

Across the 36 States in the Federation, Yesterday Easter Sunday is a Very Big Entertainment Day and as we all know. Most Entertianers would be busy with Different shows as we even had AY Live same Yesterday. It’s all about who will sacrifice that time and Be Loyal to Your Relationship with him..

Despite sending over Their video confirmations and Assuring me that they would grace my Event, MC EDO Pikin, I Go Tuk, Hon Madiba, MC Organic never showed up for JOLLOF JOKES COMEDY CONCERT WITH MC T’BOY..
I never got to know why… But then.. Hey… It’s ShowBiz… last Minute Occurrences can happen.

I have worked so Hard to build the JOLLOF JOKES Brand and if you know the Brand well, you will know we never disappoint..

That said. God bless Everyone that turned up.. God bless my Sponsors.. we lookup to the next concert.

Be happy for what we are about doing in IMO state.

God Bless you All.