Media personality ‘Emma Ugolee share his Pre-Surgery and after-Surgery photo’


Media Personal Emma Ugolee is all smiles in newly released photo as he gets set to go for a surgery.

The media personality took to his Instagram page on Friday, August 17, 2018, where he shared the photo. According to him, he would be getting under the knife for a fistula bypass.

“Hey! Going under the knife for 4 hours in a bit for a fistula bypass and decided to do the pre-surgery shoot.       . If you’ve had surgery before you’ll know about all that consent paper signing and prep talk about eventualities and if you don’t wake up, next of kin, blah blah.

“The first time I had that session ehn. Heart in mouth but today (after haven heard those words at least 8 times) I amused the doctor by almost repeating her words verbatim. Lol,” he captioned the photo.

He also shared his after-surgery shoot which shows he will be discharged soon from the hospital.