Messi slams Abidal over comments on Barcelona Players


The Argentine has vehemently disagreed with Eric Abidal’s comments on what he said about Barcelona Players in the wake of the recent deep in form, despite the managerial change.

The Former Defender believes a section of the players are not giving thier best for the team, but Messi says that’s not the case with his team mates.

“I honestly do not like to do this kind of thing but I think that everyone has to be responsible for their job and take responsibility for their decisions,”.

“Players are responsible for what happens on the field, we are also the first to acknowledge when we don’t play well”.

“Those in charge of sporting direction should also face up to their responsibilities and above all take charge of their own decisions”.

“Lastly, I think that when you talk about players, you should give names because otherwise you are tainting everyone’s name and feeding rumours that spread and are not true”.