MetroLife is Our New Name Why we changed It?

MetroLife is Our New Name Why we changed It?
On August 1st, 2019, the team at MetroLife Nigeria (formerly Navicorp Nigeria) met and discussed a change in our business name. We know by now you must have noticed the change.

Our reason for changing the name from Navicorp to MetroLife

MetroLife is Our New Name Why we changed It?

Our main reason for making this change is to properly capture exactly what we do. As you can notice, Navicorp is not exactly a keyword for anything.

It is a coined name and it sometimes makes it difficult for people to find us and understand what we do.

But Metrolife which is taken from the word, “Metropolitan” and which means, “City” is a very good keyword.

Therefore, Metrolife simply means city life or life in the city, and that is exactly what we are about.

We represent and report everything and anything that happens in a city, and we are so glad that this new name suitably captures that. still belongs to us. For search engine purposes, we have redirected all traffic coming from Navicorp to

We want to assure all our readers that we will not falter on our core values of providing premium entertainment, lifestyle, and news to the public, and we are poised to do more in our bid to become one of the best online information providers in Nigeria.