Mexico Fireworks Explosion :29 Killed, 72 Injured


There was an explosion at a fireworks market near Mexico City on Tuesday, killing at least 29 people and leaving 72 injured.

CNN reported that people from the neighbouring towns said they could feel the ground tremble under their feet as the fireworks exploded in Tultepec. The explosion let out plumes of smoke into the sky.

According to CNN, three minors will be transferred to the hospital in Galveston, Texas for treatment of extreme burns.

As the festive season gets closer, the area gets more populated as people come to shop for fireworks.

The coordinator of Mexico’s national civil protection agency, Luis Felipe Puente told CNN emergency responders had arrived at the scene to assess the damages at the scene.

The emergency crew had to let the unexplored fireworks go off due to the large number of stalls.

Source: CNN