Moment of Truth : Jealousy is bad and negative


Many relationships have gone down the drain due to jealousy.

It is never wrong to guard your property jealously, but always suspecting your partner can make the person feel in secure.

Love is a feelings of attraction, it means you want someone. And when you go deeper, jealousy can come in.

But we don’t have to let it stay at all. To claim that when someone is in love they will never feel jealous may be an illusion.

Editor’s corner

I have being in love before , I have loved and i have felt the feelings of jealousy , but I now know how to deal with it.

I think the point we should focus more on is how to deal with jealousy ,just like anger when it rise up in us.

It’s just like me saying , I have never get angry or sad before , all these feelings makes us human, being sad , jealous ,loved.

It makes us human and it’s okay, All that matters is how we deal with it.