Mourinho answers questions on how to get the best out of Ndombele


The Portuguese has recently had it tough at Tottenham since joining in December. as injuries have affected the team’s all round performance so far.

And the Media asked how he was looking to get the best from Ndombele. a player who joined in August from Lyon, and has failed to replicate his Ligue one form at the North London Club.

“By working,” he replied.

“And working not just with me, everybody in the club is working with him”. 

“We have a process of trying to develop him. Not just on the tactical side, but everywhere. We have a plan with him where he is the most important part of the plan”.

“Not me or the sports science [team] or the medical [team] or the nutrition [team]. It’s him, the crucial part of the plan”.

“We need him to be good in that plan. We’ve put into practice a plan with everything”.

“He’s having individual training, he’s having training with the group, training with coaches, training with sports science people”.

“He’s having the nutritionist teaching him things he doesn’t know. We are taking care of him in every detail. But again, it is him, the key guy”.