Mourinho blast Rudiger after role in sending off Son


Jose Mourinho is displeased with the manner in which his player was sent off in the Premier League game against Former team, Chelsea. and he has openly registered his grievance.

“The focus should be on Antonio Rudiger and not on Son,” Mourinho said.

“In the Premier League I love there is no space also for what Rudiger did. Stand up and play, man”.

“This is the Premier League. You go to Latin America,Portugal, Spain, Italy and that happens, it is a cultural thing, but not in the Premier League”.

“And the moment we try to punish the reaction of some player – an insignificant reaction and you let the other one go, then you become part of it”.

“Come on, do you think Rudiger plays the next game? Or do you think he’s injured? I think he plays. And we speak about Son and don’t speak about him [Rudiger]”.

“I hope Son is not punished five times,”.

“One time was the foul that Rudiger did on him. The second is to be sent off. The third would be not to play against Brighton. The fourth not to play against Norwich and the fifth not to play against Southampton”.

“So I hope to be punished twice is enough, he doesn’t deserve for the third, the fourth or the fifth.”