Movies showing at cinemas in Imo (Week 16)


Every Friday we bring you all the movies showing at cinemas in Imo. TGIF, right? What are you doing this weekend? Take loved ones and relatives to see a movie or two at the cinemas.

All movies below are showing at Genesis Cinemas Owerri Mall.



Running time:120min
Daily: 7:05 pm, 9:30 pm
Running time:130min
Daily: 11:40 am, 4:30 pm, 6:40 pm
Running time:90min
Daily: 12:15 pm, 9:15 pm
Running time:110min
Daily: 4:30 pm
Running time:125min
Daily: 11:30 am, 2:00 pm
Running time:100min
Daily: 8:50 pm
Running time:105min
Daily: 2:20 pm
Running time:110min
Running time:90min
Daily: 6:50 pm
Running time:185min
Thu 25th April: 8:50 pm, 9:15 pm
Running time:195min
Thu 25th April: 12:50 pm, 4:35 pm, 7:05 pm, 8:20 pm