Mozambique’s coastline set to be hit by another tropical cyclone


There’s another tropical storm – Tropical Cyclone Kenneth – is heading towards the southern region of Africa, NASAhas warned.

The storm is heading towards the Mozambique/Tanzania border, the warning said.

Mozambique is still reeling from the disaster which was Cyclone Idai that left over 1,000 persons dead across three countries.

“Kenneth is expected to move toward the border of Mozambique and Tanzania. The area in which the storm is forecast to track, has very warm sea surface temperatures that will allow the storm to strengthen over the next couple of days. Kenneth is forecast to make landfall in extreme northern Mozambique on April 25.

Residents along the Mozambique/Tanzania border should make preparations for storm surge along the coasts, heavy rainfall and hurricane-force winds,” NASA said.

The new storm as at Wednesday, has a wind speed of 140 kph (85 mph), and will continue to intensify as it moves over the Comoro Islands.

The storm is also expected to hit the coastal areas of Dar es Salaam, the port city of Tanga and Pemba Island, said the Tanzania Meteorological Agency.

The Tropical Cyclone Kenneth could be stronger, but less devastating as Idai which delivered heavy rainfalls before making landfall on March 15th.

Photo Credit: NASA