Music Critique 101: Styles’ “Looseguard” got praises but the industry’s future is still a mystery


If you missed the second edition of Music Critique 101 on Zanders FM 105.7 Owerri, we’ve got you covered.

Trending artist, Styles“Looseguard” was the bone of contention and he got praises from the critics. It is not difficult to see why that is so because the song is all over the country making waves at the moment. Speaking on the sudden emergence of the song in the Nigeria music scene, Hardy said that he capitalized on what has been there before now to create what is now popping. The chorus of the song is an old Igbo folklore and popular among Igbo millenials and that is one of the reasons why the song is popping. It appeals to the growing Igbo populace and that is a huge factor. “The guy took advantage of something that has been there, something funny…so looking at something people enjoyed previously to recreate is fun”, Hardy said.


Reacting, Tim Uwakwe attributed the song’s success to chance. According to him, it is humorous and was released at a time when Nigerians are going through a rough patch- the Covid-19 pandemic, the insecurity in the country, and economic hardship – so it is a relief and easy to vibe along. “I think this guy is a product of chance. He created something that was already there like Hardy said and he was fortunate about the timing that he had…a lot of people are looking for humor, you know something that will humor them and then this guy comes up with I see I saw so it caught like wild fire”, Tim said.

Tim Uwakwe


As usual it is always tense when the critics gather on Music Critique 101 and that is what we saw when the topic of lyrics was raised. While Tim argued that even though the song is popping at the moment, the lyrics are somewhat meaningless and gave it a rating of 3/10, Hardy refused to rate it but maintained that it is a great song. When music producer, Reflex, called in from Lagos, he chose to focus on the trendy and addictive part of the song. According to him, the publicity the song has received so far is what really matters these days. If the artist can build on it then he may well be on his way to top. He also mentioned that the reason he reproduced the beat is so it would be original and duly belong to Styles. Streaming platform, Audiomack had taken the song down on the basis of copyright.

DJ Saquo

On the shelf life of the song, both Tim and Hardy agreed that it won’t last long, however if Styles can throw in one or two collaborations on the song it would greatly help it’s shelf life.


Probably the most anticipated part of the show- talks about the local industry- as usual got the heat it deserves. It is still unknown where the Imo entertainment industry is heading or if there is even an entertainment industry at all. While Tim maintained that what the industry needs to grow is investment and structure, Hardy stuck to his guns about building contents and changing the mindset of the artists in the state.

So there’s no clear path yet as to where the industry in Imo is headed, however if you would like to find out, then join us again this Saturday by 7:00 pm on Zanders 105.7 FM Owerri.