5 Must-haves In A Woman’s Purse


There are must-have items that should be in your purses which can serve as major rescuers to all your daily needs and problems.

Some essential items that every modern woman should have in her purse are:

1. Cash
No matter any condition, do not forget to carry cash along. You never know what you may urgently desire and when you will desire it. No one wants to stand among friends, wishing they had money in cash.

2. Safety Pins
Safety Pins can serve as life savers. A bottom or seam in your cloth may pop and a safety pin would go a long way helping the situation.

3. Notepad and Pen
Writing down is the best solution to all your wondering ideas and thoughts. Some random plan or striking ideas may come to mind, it is best jotted down. The notepad and pen act as great catalyst to your daily productivity.

4. Chewing Gum/ Mouth Refreshers
Bad breath can be a big mistake and can prevent better communication with people. You might have brushed your teeth, cleaned your tongue properly or used a mouthwash, but that may not serve you for a whole day. Irrespective of what you eat or not, the breath tends to get bad. Mouth freshner is a must.

5. Face wipes/Tissues
After a long tired day, especially during the sunny weather, your makeup starts melting and you get all sweaty, face wipes rescues by giving you an instant refreshing effect and mood lift while tissues would go a long way cleaning spills.

With the above must-have, make your handbags not only fashionable by looks but also functional by having the necessary items in it.